O’bama’s Oratorical Skills

Some great observations from Northern Ohio… talking about O’bama:

We don’t trust anything he says, because it has been demonstrated on issues from war to health care that he does not say what he means, or mean what he says. We know instinctively that he is “weasel wording” his policy statements to the American public, or worse. We just do not trust the man. He is an orator who can hypnotize his listeners with golden phrases that mask dark lies.

 Even the folks in the United Kingdom are starting to catch on:

Mr Obama’s public image rests increasingly heavily on his extraordinary speechifying abilities. His call in Cairo for a new start in relations with the Muslim world was pitch-perfect. So was his speech in Ghana, decrying Africa’s culture of bad government. His appeal to both houses of Congress to support health care was masterly – though the oratory was far more impressive than the mish-mash plan behind it.

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