Ohio Political Campaigns

At this point, I’m providing my support to Ken Blackwell for Ohio Governor.  While he can sometimes appear to have a harsh demeanor, some people consider him to be the second coming of Ronald Reagan.   If the State of Ohio is to re-emerge as a location for growth and business friendliness, it’s going to require non-traditional leadership that focuses on the principles of capitalism.  It appears that Mr. Blackwell is the best candidate for that position.

Meanwhile, I’m supporting anyone running against George Voinovich for one of the Ohio Senate seats in the US Congress.  For me, the last straw on this RINO (Republican In Name Only) was when he campaigned so strongly against the approval of John Bolton as the US Representative to the UN.   In May 2005, Voinovich weeped and begged his colleagues to vote ‘No’ on Bolton.

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