Oracle & Adobe Weigh in on Rich Internet Apps

I’ve had a couple of recent postings about the natural evolution of web-based applications and “Software-as-a-Service”.  It appears that Oracle has weighed in with their viewpoint in a recent interview with Intelligent Enterprise magazine.   There was a previous interview with Adobe on this same subject…

The Adobe representative says, “Customers have come to us and said, ‘I want my application to bust out of the browser and live on the desktop while retaining the deployment properties of the Web,’ meaning you click on a URL and it just comes down and installs. Developers also want the user to be able to download data to the client, unhook the computer, get on an airplane, work on the application remotely and then sync that data back up with the server.”

In a nutshell, it appears that Oracle is indicating that they are building everything around Java Server Faces using different “rendering kits”.  Meanwhile, Adobe is naturally pushing Flash and Flex as the best way to deliver Rich Internet Apps.

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