OSU 42 – UM 39

The Ohio State Buckeyes trounced the Michigan Wolverines 42 to 39 on Saturday to win the Big Ten football title and the outright bid for the National Championship.  To give you an idea how important this game was to many fans, my good buddy Jeff Gilbert had offers from fans to buy his tickets for $1,500/each, but he elected to keep the tickets and go to the game.


One reason that the Buckeyes are such a popular team is that coach Jim Tressel is a very humble man and he runs such a stand-up organization.  I’m proud of the Buckeyes because they really do represent Ohio with more than 80% of the Buckeye lineup composed of players from Ohio high schools.   Incidentally, Michigan has 5 players in their starting lineup that played their high school football in Ohio.

Yes, you heard it here first — before all of the inane ESPN sports shows talk about it in the up-coming weeks — this will probably also be a record year in that it is the first time that the team ranked #1 will played the team ranked #2, three times in one season (#2 – Texas, #2 – Michigan, #2 – TBD).

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