Politics Ain’t No Fun

I received a note from John Tavardian about Peggy Noonan’s editorial in a recent issue of Wall Street Journal.

John observes: “She takes both Democrats and Republicans to task for their inter-party civil wars. What I found most interesting, through, is she reports that longtime Clinton stalwarts like William Greider of The Nation are finally starting to see the Clintons for what they really are — ‘high minded’ on the surface but ‘smarmily duplicitous underneath meanwhile jabbing hard at the groin area. They are a slippery pair and come as a package’… It’s nice to see people like Greider finally seeing those two for who they really are. Too bad it’s more than 10 years since many of us initially saw this.”

Good comments Tarvar… I’ve generally not been a fan of Noonan’s commentaries, but I agree with your viewpoint.

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