Popular Mechanics Goes Political

I’ve commented previously that many of the engineering and technical journals have started outsourcing the writing to so-called ‘journalists’.  That is, writers that don’t really have a passion or the insights for the topic are creating sophomoric stories.   In this latest case, Popular Mechanics has taken this to an extreme by publishing an article suitable for the Antifa Daily News: “How to topple a statue”

Now it’s Unpopular Mechanics. Popular Mechanics magazine has come under fire after publishing a detailed guide on toppling monuments. “Bring that sucker down without anyone getting hurt,” the article posted Monday encourages readers, promising the best advice on “how to topple a statue using science.”

While Popular Mechanics could never be considered an engineering journal, it always contained some interesting articles.  I’ve been a reader for more than 40 years.   It’s pretty clear now that I am no longer in their target demographic.  Thus, I’ve removed it from my Feedly subscriptions, and I will no longer promote it among my limited sphere of influence.


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