Premium Burgers: Smashburger vs Five Guys

If you haven’t noticed, the Dayton area has been invaded by new burger joints (as if we don’t have enough McDonalds)… Missy and I sampled the standard fare at both Smashburger (SB) and Five Guys (FG) for dinner… It’s interesting to note that near the UD campus, these competitors are across the street from one another.

Here’s a summary of our impressions:

French fries – while FG gives you larger portions, Missy really likes the sweet potato fries at SB.

Atmosphere – what can you say about a burger joint?  Missy tells me that there’s nicer seating at SB.

Drinks – essentially the same fizzy stuff.  They both offer free refills.

Burgers – they both have tasty premium meat, but Missy liked the flavor or sauce at SB better.

Prices – they have similar prices, but FG appers to be slightly less expensive.

In this day and age, it’s hard to believe that there are two new premium hamburger places cropping up over town.  A 1/2 pound burger, fries, and soft drink will run you about $10 (vs $6 for something close at McD’s), but people appear to be checking out the meals.

Personally, I prefer my wife’s home cooking…

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