Progress with the Garden


We’re now rolling into August and there has been plenty of rain to water the lawn and flowers.  We’ve had a bountiful harvest of raspberries and watermelon, and the morning glories are still blooming (see photos below).



June 27, 2018

In mid-April, I planted a couple of thousand seeds in my portable greenhouse.  With a bounty of germinating seeds, I transplanted most of the emerging plants into larger pots in early May.  As we are now in late June, we’re starting to see some major progress in the garden.

The first photo shows my 36-year-old model sitting in the midst of our ‘Gatsby Garden’.  You can see hibiscus, sun flowers, cucumbers, moon flowers, petunias, coachella, geraniums, marigolds, begonias, tomatoes, watermelon, verbena, vinca, etc… quite a variety of hardy plants that thrive in the Ohio climate.

The second photo shows our 8-foot tall morning glory plant that is situated on our driveway between the garage doors.  With the morning sunlight, this plant is thriving with all of the UV light bouncing off the concrete.

The third photo shows the watermelon plants that I am attempting to grow vertically this year (so far, so good).  You can see the watermelon plant growing up the stake in the right of the photo.  The fourth photo shows a close-up of one of the ‘pregnant flowers’ that is the start of a watermelon fruit.

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