Real Politics – Tyranny versus Anarchy

May 16, 2016

The real nature of our society is not about political parties as much as it is about where we operate on the continuum of Tyranny versus Anarchy.  For example, how we live is based on the inherent support for an individual’s liberties versus defined control by a centralized authority — Where does a nation, state, or city fall on this range of possible positions?  As indicated in the chart below, we don’t want to fall into the chaotic world of anarchy where each individual citizen makes their own rules and behaves without regard for others. At the other end of the spectrum, we don’t want to live in a world of government tyranny where a despotic ruler is dictating every facet of our lives…

Political Range Continuum

The chart illustrates where the various political and economic ideologies fall on this continuum of tyranny versus anarchy.  Naturally, the extreme ends of the spectrum (despotic fascism at one end and the lawless “wild west” at the other) are typically not desirable for the majority of the population in any society.  More importantly, the chart highlights the position of the United States versus Europe, and the fact that the success of America has been based on providing more individual liberties…  Of course, the trend of the last eight years has been to push the United States to imitate Europe and move further towards the Tyranny side of the continuum.



A great article at the Coyote blog, where he writes about the changing cycles of Government:

First, he believed that governments followed a cycle from one-man rule to aristocracy to democracy and back.  Second, and perhaps more interesting, he believed that each of these three forms of government had a good and bad form, and that the good form was inherently unstable and always degenerated into the bad form.

This pattern recognizes the movers from Tyranny to other forms of control… but it often turns back to tyranny again.

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