Results from the Repeal of Ohio SB 5

Many mainstream editorial writers were claiming that the defeat of Issue 2 (the repeal of SB 5, which targeted the reduction of the cost of government jobs) was a very positive event for Obama and the Unions…  I tried to explain to Ohio citizens that passing SB 5 was actually in the best interests of those seeking employment in Ohio as a teacher, police officer, etc.  You may exclaim “the best interests of Ohio Government workers!  How?”

The comic strip sums it up nicely…  Let me explain: In Ohio, the Governor and Legislature are required by law to balance the budget. Since the budget was running at a deficit, the leadership is required to either reduce costs or increase revenue (i.e., taxes).  You can reduce cost by having all Government employees contribute some portion of their salaries towards their benefits (on par with employees in the private sector), or you can cut jobs of the younger employees…  well, now you know what’s going to happen.



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