Watch Yahoo Stock Performance

Update – the predictions from a couple of months ago appear to be coming true… Yahoo is now trading for around $17/share.  This means that shareholders have lost over $20 billion in value since the company passed on being acquired by Microsoft.  This may actually be the time to buy Yahoo stock… Microsoft may come in with a proxy fight with a bid price at a  20% premium over current market price.

June 28, 2008- it appears that I’m not the only one with a Bearish outlook on Yahoo.  In a recent edition of Silicon Alley Insider, Henry Blodget predicts that Yahoo can now be had for less than $30 billion.

June 14, 2008 – If you own Yahoo stock, it may now be the time to sell.  You’ve probably read about Carl Ichan’s attempts to get the company to sell itself to Microsoft (for approx. $38 billion). you may not be aware that there is a mass exodus of senior leadership from the company.  The TechCrunch site has organized a complete listing, but it’s enough to know that 20 directors, vice presidents, etc. have left in the last two months alone!

I’m predicting shareholder class action lawsuits within the next 12 months…

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