Source of Moslem Hatred

After 9/11, there were many that claimed the United States was responsible for Moslem hatred.   In reality, we’ve seen terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom that were perpetrated by Moslem doctors — not your typical disenfranchised laborer.  The New York Post had an interesting interview with a former Moslem radical:

Dr. Al Hindi, a leader of Moslem extremists in Gaza, explained the difference between suicide and martyrdom. “Suicide is done out of despair,” the good doctor diagnosed. “But most of our martyrs today were very successful in their earthly lives.”… he raised most of his war chest not from obscenely rich Saudis, but from middle-class Moslem dentists living in the United Kingdom.

The obvious conclusion is that “killing the infidel” is motivated by their distorted interpretation of their theology.

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