Sports Saturation

I really love sports… my favorites being hockey, tennis, and basketball; but does anyone else feel saturated with sports on television?  On a Wednesday night in February, I can find five different college basketball games, two NBA games, and… who knows, there’s probably a hot dog eating contest or poker as the featured “sport” on one of the ESPN channels.
Checking the web-based listing for my TimeWarner cable (try Zap2It), I find the following:

  • On ESPN2, there are more sport pundits than there are political commentators on the Internet (not really) with shows such as, “Around the Horn”, “Pardon the Interruption”, etc. etc.
  • On ESPN Classics, you can watch the exciting analysis of, “Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Blame Terrell Owens” (see my previous posting about Owens and McNabb).
  • Of course, there are the Olympics with its hundred of hours of coverage of bobsledding and figure skating.

I know that I’m probably starting to sound like my parents, but I miss the old days when sports were less about entertainment and more about athletic skills, teamwork, and competition.

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