Sticks and Stones… and Cultural Values

If this were not so intimidating it would almost be humorous… According to a recent article in the Associated Press, Thousands of Sudanese Moslems demanded the execution of a British teacher convicted of insulting Islam for allowing her students to name a teddy bear “Muhammad.”  Are you getting this?  For allowing a student to name a teddy bear, these freaks want to behead this woman.

Let’s see, you have Saudi Moslems that don’t allow Christians into many Saudi Arabian cities… you have French Moslems killing people for showing a cartoon image of Muhammad… you have Iranian Moslems denying the Holocaust… you have British Moslems wanting to kill a fellow Moslem author… you have Palestinian Moslems sending their children to commit terrorism…

Yea, I guess you’re right.  There is no difference between people raised in Moslem cultures versus those raised with Judeo-Christian values…

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