Stop Complaining and Vote

I was a supporter of Ted Cruz.  However, he’s not on the ballot for President… so who do you consider as the next best candidate?

It has become part of my morning routine to groan when I see the litany of negative articles about Donald Trump at Not that I’m a huge fan of his, but he did win fair and square and is the nominee. Every day I receive emails voicing the same reaction to the constant barrage of scathing commentary about Trump from traditionally conservative sources. Perhaps the conservative punditry feels obligated to be self-critical.  But, for those who backed other primary candidates, then put on their big boy pants and came to terms with supporting Trump — or at least committed to vote for him than to vote for him — after all, he is the most conservative candidate who can get elected…

On the other hand, if Hillary gets elected, both sides of the Republican split will be to blame:  (1) Trump will have been a flawed candidate who ran a horrible campaign, and (2) too many Republicans who refused to toe the party line and flayed Trump at every turn, either stayed home on Election Day, or voted for an alternative candidate or write-in or the unthinkable, the Queen of Thrones herself.

After eight years of Hillary scripting her truths, the damage will be incalculable; the clean-up, impossible.

Source: Articles: What’s a Conservative to Do?

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