Streaming Video on the Blog Site

If you’re not a frequent user of the Internet, you’ve probably overlooked the emerging phenomenon of streaming video…  This is where web sites enable you to watch low-quality video clips immediately upon clicking on the desired video.  This has been popularized by websites such as YouTube, GoogleVideo, etc.  In addition, these sites provide a distribution mechanism for various amateur videos, as well as snippets from commercial showings.

Unlike the standard AVI, MPEG, or WMV video formats that most of us use with Windows Media Player (which typically requires downloading the entire file before viewing), the streaming sites use Flash, and allow you to start viewing the video right away.  I like the technology because it enables you to easily view videos on your schedule, and catch visual glimpses of television you may have missed during the day.

I intend to start having my blog postings periodically link to specific streaming videos.

Thanks to Leonard for updating my WordWeb blog with the video plug-in.

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