Supercharged Technology at the Sokol House

Well, it’s official now… we have two broadband connections into the Sokol homestead.  We have both a cable modem with wireless network via Roadrunner, and now we have a DSL modem with a separate wireless network via AT&T.  Interestingly enough, this addition of another high-speed connection was part of a changeover of our telecom provider that actually lowered (yes, lowered) our monthly bill. 

This “supercharging” of our technology goes along with our existing 3 Dell laptops, 1 Dell multimedia workstation with 32″ LCD monitor, 2 Internet cameras, and 4 Dell application/file servers.  We use one broadband connection for our “production” use on the Internet.  The other broadband connection is used for development purposes (Leonard has just about every Java and .Net software tool installed, including ISA firewall).

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