Survey of Moslem Opinion

A survey firm recently conducted an opinion poll of of nearly 4,000 Moslems living in various Arab countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, etc.).  Without delving into all of the details (which you can review here if you like), the key conclusions are: 1) Moslems see themselves as Moslems first and foremost, and feel that the non-Moslem world is out to get them. 2) Many Moslems have an intense hatred of Israel.

To understand this outlook, it may be useful to understand a little background.  First, Islam is a very intolerant religion that makes the intolerance practiced by Soviet Communists appear rationale. The Koran calls for anyone who converts to another religion to be killed. Other religions are only tolerated as long as the “infidels” pay higher taxes, do not hold positions of authority in the government, and do not try to convert Moslems. For example, in Saudi Arabia, non-Moslem houses of worship are forbidden, as are public religious ceremonies for any other religion.

It’s also important to note that one-third of the Israeli population are descendants of Jews expelled from Arab countries after Israel was founded in 1948. These “Sephardic” Jews look like Arabs, yet they are much better educated and economically successful than their Moslem cousins.  Many Arabs admit that they hate Israel because it embarrasses the Moslem world.

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