Taxing American Citizens to Provide Selective Gifts

Does it make sense to print more money and provide a “stimulus”?   The latest stimulus bill is the biggest set of pork that we’ve seen in our lifetimes.   You can look-up the details yourself on the congressional web site:

Now, knowing that the American population is about 330 million people and the stimulus bill is roughly $2,000,000,000,000 ($2 Trillion), indicates that the cost for every American is approximately $6,000. The government could give every person the $6,000, but instead they will give $1,200 to each adult under a certain income. Want to know where the missing 96% of your tax dollars are going? Here is a sampling:

  •  $300,000,000 for Migrant and Refugee Assistance
  •  $10,000 per person for student loan bailout
  •  $100,000,000 to NASA, because, who knows why.
  •  $20,000,000,000 to the USPS, because why the hell not
  •  $300,000,000 to the Endowment for the Arts
  •  $300,000,000 for the Endowment for the Humanities
  •  $15,000,000 for Veterans Employment Training
  •   $435,000,000 for mental health support
  •   $30,000,000,000 for the Department of Education stabilization fund
  •   $200,000,000 to Safe Schools Emergency Response to Violence Program
  •   $300,000,000 to Public Broadcasting (NPR has to be bought by the Democrats)
  •   $500,000,000 to Museums and Libraries
  •   $720,000,000 to Social Security Administration
  •   $25,000,000 for Cleaning supplies for the Capitol Building
  •   $7,500,000 to the Smithsonian for additional salaries
  •   $35,000,000 to the JFK Center for Performing Arts
  •   $25,000,000 for additional salary for House of Representatives
  •   $3,000,000,000 upgrade to the IT department at the VA
  •   $315,000,000 for State Department Diplomatic Programs
  •   $95,000,000 for the Agency of International Development
  •   $300,000,000 for International Disaster Assistance
  •   $90,000,000 for the Peace Corp
  •   $9,000,000 Misc. Senate Expenses

Here the is most important observation that’s clearly missed in the details… beyond the continued irrational printing of money.

What?  You didn’t see it?

Did you notice the benefactors for most all of these funding items are government agencies: Endowment for the Arts, Veterans Administration, The Smithsonian, National Public Radio, etc.   This means that we are going deeper into our pockets to increase the staffing, salary, and benefits for federal employees.

It says that the Democrats are continuing the reinforcement of the federal government, and paying off their deep state employees for their continued loyal support.

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