Tennis, Tennis, and More Tennis

I started playing relatively regular tennis around six years ago, when I found good quality players (e.g, Curt Crocker) to arrange for a weekly outing.   In the past three years — after ceasing my play in basketball leagues — I increased my tennis play to twice a week, year-around at the Schroeder Tennis Center.  Now that my entire family plays, my time at the tennis courts has increased dramatically.  For example, my son Leonard got really serious about playing tennis in June and during the summer we played about 2 hours per day, 5 times a week!

I must admit I hadn’t heard anyone mention “two-a-days” about sports in over twenty years until Leonard mentioned it to me about our tennis practices back in August.  Even with Leonard back in school, I’m still playing 4 times per week.  In fact, on Sundays I play with my regular tennis buddy, Walt Wood, from 10:30am to noon, and then go out with Leonard from 2:00 to 4:00pm.


In addition to playing tennis, we’ve become tennis groupies… I posted about our attendance at the US Open in New York, Tennis Master Series in Cincinnati, and the RCA Championships in Indianapolis.

I certainly enjoy playing… I’m just hoping the body holds up.

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