That’s Why They Call Him a Marxist

From an article explaining Obama’s stealthy Marxist philosophies:

Alinsky, the father of  “community organizing,” hails from the president’s Chicago and is revered by today’s fashionably leftist university faculties. His 1971 Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals distills and updates Karl Marx’s Das Kapital for the 20th century, as a how-to manual for exploiting the darker corners of human nature…

In that context, the President’s own statements and economic policies compel some alarming conclusions.  Namely, that bloated federal spending does not serve the classic Keynesian purpose – to ameliorate and ultimately end economic slumps inherent in free-market economies.  Rather, it is an extension of Alinsky’s construct: to sharpen and exploit those downturns as means to achieve the objectives of the ‘organizer.’

via Why Obama wants the economy to fail | The Daily Caller.

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