The Audacity of Conceit

You’ve heard it here first…  The new book from O’bama is called “Audacity of Conceit”.  It describes the most egotistical man alive in the last one hundred years with a Messianic Complex that can’t be beat.  While Communism was clearly a failure in the 20th century, and the best economists have noted that it’s difficult to control an economy, O’bama considers himself the know-it-all who can select companies that should be run by the government.

When he is not appearing on television reading from his trusty teleprompter, he is out hawking cars, insurance, and bank loans.  He and his sycophants consider him to be the smartest man in the world.  He has concluded that it is best for him to singularly decide “who shall live and who shall die”.  Another author has noted how O’bama has introduced the world to first-person Socialism

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