The Boy Scouts are Bad Guys?

More on the Upside-Down World promoted by the Manchurian Marxist Moslem…  Evidently Leftist judges in California have declared the Boy Scouts persona non grata:

California’s seven Supreme Court judges have voted unanimously to prohibit state judges from holding membership in the Boy Scouts of America; the ruling is based on the grounds that the Scouts discriminate against gays.

via Boy Scouts | Judges | membership ban | California Supreme.

I was a Boy Scout during my youth.  I spent a week hiking in the Smokey Mountains eating powdered eggs and stinking up the trails from the lack of bathing.  The Scouts were all about teaching kids about being honorable and learning skills not taught in the classroom.

The notion that the Boy Scouts are’Bad’ and being homosexual is ‘Good’ is all part of the Obama upside-down world.:

Illegal aliens:  Good;  Tax-Paying Americans: Bad.

Radical Moslems:  Good;  Law-abiding Jews: Bad.

Protesting Looters: Good;  Police Officers: Bad

Let me know when you figure out where it’s all going…

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