The CNN Double Standard

Another excellent commentary from John Tarvardian…

Hooray for Bill Bennett in pointing out the duplicity and disingenuousness of CNN in particular and the American media in general with regard to what is and is not considered offensive and off-limits.  It’s acceptable to show the most vicious and degrading depictions of Jews or report on “art” that Catholics find highly offensive.  However, when it comes to the poor, misunderstood Moslems well…you can’t show anything that they might find offensive.

I believe that this all boils down to the fact that American media companies, for the most part, are cowards.  Those stalwart protectors and defenders of truth and the first amendment run like scalded dogs when faced with having to deal with a rabid, vicious, and ignorant bully… in this case, the Moslem community.  They simply won’t stand up to the bully.  Conversely, since they know that Jews and Catholics react in a sane and civilized manner, they show absolute and total disregard for showing images that are highly offensive to Western values.

The end of the National Review article makes it very clear when CNN’s Wolf Blitzer doesn’t realize that defending his organization’s rationale for showing those anti-Semitic cartoons, made the perfect case for why they should also show the Danish cartoons.

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