The Continued Idiocracy of the UN


Here is an interesting development with the idiots at the UN:

The United Nations on Friday fired 12 of its employees in Gaza and began an investigation into their participation in terrorism…  The workers, all men employed by the U.N. agency that aids Palestinians, known by the acronym UNRWA, are subject to a criminal investigation, two U.N. officials said.

“The United States is extremely troubled by the allegations that 12 UNRWA employees may have been involved in the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel,” the State Department said in a statement.


January 22, 2024

While the notion of supporting an objective forum for all the countries of the world is very noble, the United Nations has primarily been a bureaucratic boondoggle.  For years, we have seen the the Orwellian (or, if you prefer Kafkaesque) reality of what the UN really does (actually, does not do) in support of freedom and peace.

The latest example is the announcement from the UN that they have appointed Iran to lead the conference on nuclear disarmament.

Iran, the leading state sponsor of terror, is scheduled to lead the United Nations Conference on Disarmament from March 18-29 and May 13-24, the U.N. announced last week.


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