The Day the Earth Grew Tired of Lousy Remakes

I recently had the unfortunate opportunity to sit through a screening of “The Day the Earth Stood Still“.  The original 1950s movie was an early Sci Fi film pushing the message of minimizing warfare.  However, the remake is just another movie about the end of the human race. In this case, it’s because humans have been “unkind to the planet.”

Naturally, the protagonist is now a white female with a black stepson. She drives a Honda hybrid to take her alien friend to all the necessary destinations… The ecological scientists are the only honorable people to be trusted… We have to save the planet so we have to destroy man.

John Cleese as the egghead professor and and Kathy Bates as the Secretary of Defense??  Was this movie supposed to be the comedic version of the story?  My ecological guilt really bubbled up when Keanu Reeves exclaimed, “You’re problem is not technology, it is you.”

I gave the movie a D+.

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