The Great Kapo

The Jerusalem Post covered Rahm Emanuel’s remarks at the recent Jewish Federation meeting in Washington. Naturally, Mr. Emanuel didn’t have anything orgininal to say other than the standard platitudes…  Most interesting were the various comments by readers:

“The goyim will forget his name. The Jews will curse him forever.”

“Hey Rahm, do you really want history to link you with the likes of Goldstone?”

“Rahm Emanuel is even less of a friend to Israel than Haman.”

“This turncoat preaches the standard liberal line that Israel is blame…”

“Does anyone trust this creepy guy?”

“Rahm Emmanuel is the embodiment of the Court Jew.”

“As a Jew, how can Emanuel look at himself in the mirror without revulsion?”

“He is just another useful idiot of Israel’s enemies like Goldstone.”

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