The Left: It Doesn’t Matter That Journalists Misquote Everyone

I generally don’t spend too much effort reading the left wing blogs such as DailyKos or the Huffington Post.  However, I was referred to an interesting piece written by Penelope Trunk at the Huffington Post.   Her comments are very telling of the viewpoint of misguided principles.  She notes about her experiences of someone selectively editing an interview with her:

He had footage of me telling all the most important stories of my life. He cut up the footage, reordered it, and created a tool that allowed viewers to recombine stories as they unfolded.  He basically made me sound like a lunatic. Like I was probably a liar and maybe delusional, depending on how someone ordered the video…

Journalists who think they are telling “the truth” don’t understand the truth. We each have our own truth. When you leave out details, you might leave out what is unimportant to you but very important to someone else…

It’s true that selective editing can lead to different interpretations.  However, you should question whether it really changes the truth.

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