The Marxist Moslem

This article sums up the current situation nicely…  It reads like the premise for a Danielle Steel novel, but nobody has the breadth of imagination to make this stuff up:

What if a guy nobody’s ever heard of, from Hawaii no less, with a Muslim African father and a Muslim Indonesian stepfather and a mom from Kansas … What if he’s such an arrogant, aloof suckup of no particular ability or accomplishment that his fellow students openly ridicule him … What if he’s blissfully unaware of his own deficiencies, and instead comes to believe that he’s earned everything that’s come his way?

And what if this guy — let’s give him a patently implausible, comically grandiose name like “Barack Hussein Obama II” falls in with former domestic-terrorist fugitives, adopts a racist pastor to burnish his hitherto-nonexistent “Christian” credentials, and becomes, say, a state senator? Even better: a U.S. senator! …

Imagine the yucks of disbelief we can get as he nationalizes the banks, takes over two of the three auto companies, appoints a host of unconfirmable “czars” to supplant the Cabinet and make policy? What if he skyrockets the deficit, sends the unemployment rate soaring, demolishes the dollar, tries to ram trillion-dollar “health-care” and “cap and trade” bills through a collaborationist Congress…

The only plausible name for this story is the “Marxist Moslem”

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