The Melting Pot Melted My Wallet and Appetite

I recently had the occasion to feed at the latest restaurant gimmick known as the Melting Pot.   This is the chain that specializes in self service Fondue-style eating with steamed pots right at your table.

This had to be the most over-priced meal that I’ve had in all of my years of dining.   What restaurants can charge you $40/person to eat small pieces of bread, cook your own 4 oz of meat in boiling water, and dip diced fruit into warmed pots of heated chocolate Hershey Syrup?  The company must be making one heck of a profit…

If you consider this style of eating an invigorating dining experience, then go for it.  Frankly, I’ve never felt so ripped-off eating at a restaurant in all of my life.

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