The Leftist and Moslem Perspective


A recent commentary at the American Thinker web site explains the modern American Marxist:

The Marxists in America, recognizing that the traditional class conflict argument would not work in the United States, instead promoted one simplistic tenet– the world is divided into the oppressors and the oppressed.

Today’s cultural upheaval can be directly traced to the success of the Marxist movement on college campuses.  So-called “wokeness,” victimhood, cancel culture, identity politics, the DEI movement, and the self-righteousness of destroying property and livelihoods stem from American Marxism’s distorted fixation on oppression and conflict.

There are two simple descriptions that describe and summarize leftism in America:

Intellectual cowardice and moral depravity


December 18, 2023

Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, recently stated that Islamic practices such as Sharia Law are incompatible with western culture:

“It does not escape my mind that most of the Islamic cultural centers in Italy are funded by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a nation that applies Sharia law at home, and Sharia means stoning for adultery, death penalty for apostasy, death penalty for homosexuality. I believe these issues should be raised, which does not mean generalizing about Islam, it means raising the problem that there is a process of Islamization in Europe going on that is very distant from the values of our civilization.”


November 29, 2023

You don’t have to take my word for it… Islamic principles are incompatible with western values and culture.   By the way, I’m not specifically talking about the last 100 years of Moslems trying to exterminate the Jews in the Middle East.   You can see evidence of this incompatibility in France, where the Islamic presence is leading to a civil war.

France was for centuries a land of successful assimilation. Italians, Spaniards, Russian Jews, Poles came and became French. But sheer numbers, as well as the change from a requirement to “assimilate”  to the easier one of “integrate”, mean the French model is broken… inroads by Islamism in the classrooms, long denied, have contributed to the murder of two teachers in three years.


November 2, 2023

Most citizens of America do not understand Moslems and the Islamic outlook on morality.  While Judaism and Christianity (as well as Buddhism) tend to stress being kind to your neighbors, Islam is more focused on subjugating its neighbors.   That is not an insignificant difference.  Unfortunately, the citizens raised in the western developed nations tend to evaluate Islam through the lens of Judeo-Christian principles, which results in great surprises when experiencing the real behavior of the Moslem world.

The partnership of convenience between the Leftists and the Moslems is based on a mutual hatred for western culture.  They both believe that it is acceptable to lie, cheat, and kill to fulfill their worldly objectives, which involves their attempts to destroy those who they consider to be their enemies.

The Leftists and the Moslems have played the “long game” in the stealthy penetration of the populations in which they are targeting as their enemies.  In the United States, the Leftists have spent decades slowly taking over all the cultural touchpoints (media, sports, etc.) and are attempting to take total control of the political machinery.  Meanwhile, the Moslems are starting to dominate Europe through the simple process of large scale immigration over the last couple of decades.   They are preparing to restore their Caliphate and Sharia law by sheer population numbers and the back-door bastardization of democracy.

Neither Marxism or Islam are compatible with the US Constitution.  Thus — as my father used to say —  “we live in interesting times”.


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