The Motivation and Method is Obvious


It’s all a farce that is a reaction to the existential threat for many wealthy people.  The Meaning in History web site has an excellent summary of the past 7 years in in US politics:

The extraordinary jihad against Donald Trump—that’s really the only appropriate word for this unholy war—has been instigated because Trump posed an existential threat to the global ambitions of the American Deep State and Ruling Class.

Eventually the Power Elite circled its wagons and used a combined campaign of unchecked political street violence, a weaponized lab produced virus, and the trashing of our election laws in the name of a fake medical emergency to throw the 2020 election to perhaps the most corrupt politician in American history… So there we are.


June 5, 2023

House Oversight Chair James Comer confirms FD1023 form proves Biden criminal bribery scheme after viewing it, announces Contempt of Congress hearings for FBI Director Wray this Thursday.

As Mr. Comey noted about the prospect of Trump as President in 2025:

He could order the investigation and prosecution of individuals


March 5, 2023

With the continuing revelations about the true origins, antidotes, and nature of the COVID pandemic, the methods and motivations become even more obvious.  The latest insights are captured in a posting by Dr. Robert W. Malone.  He provides a detailed review about a disclosure by a scientist that worked at DARPA during the origins of this travesty to mankind.

Once again the Occam’s Razor diagnosis is based on the existential threat that a MAGA Executive Branch posed for many Left-leaning organizations… This includes former leaders of the FBI, CIA, CDC, etc., the Chinese Communist Party, and Democrat governors of Democrat states.  Recall that “existential” means as close to death that one can be.

The Left had to do everything in its power to ensure that a Democrat was elected President.  The presence of a communicable virus with “no treatment” (the reason for outlawing the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloriquine) was used to justify millions upon millions of illegal ballots.


October 1, 2022

As previously mentioned, having a no-nonsense Republican administration leading the Executive Branch of the Federal Government is an existential crisis for the Leftist Democrats.  Their use of felonious methods to avoid this situation should not be a surprise to anyone… This little image below sums it up nicely.


August 18, 2022

More pertinent commentary from Kunstler:

Of course, the more sobering picture is that virtually all American institutions are now incredible, impossible to believe, starting from the top: “Joe Biden” as president. The executive branch of the government is being run by Barack Obama and a claque around him and is being run into the ground either on-purpose or out of astounding incompetence. Attorney General Merrick Garland flamboyantly disgraces the very idea of justice with Stalinesque political prosecutions. FBI Director Christopher Wray flouts every attempt to extract the truth about his agency’s operations, and at least half the country believes he’s turned it into a secret police operation like the Gestapo. The college presidents and deans have dishonored the idea of truth-seeking with their cowardly submission to Jacobin-Marxist maniacs and their program of anti-knowledge. And who, in America really trusts his doctor? (Not me. Mine is the “chief medical officer” of my network and he’s still pushing “vaccines.”)


August 8, 2022

Was this entire experience with COVID the result of an accidental release of a pathogen from a research lab in China really just coincidental timing (aka “…a present to the Democrats”)?

Take everything that we’ve learned over the last five years about all the corrupt 3-letter federal agencies; Next, align that threat with the monetary implications for China if Trump remained in office.  In 2020, China was looking at tariff costs growing to billions of dollars while many former leaders of federal agencies faced an existential threat (i.e., jail time).  Thus, you arrive at a simple Occam’s Razor conclusion for motivation: It would seem to be illogical for China and the Deep State to have not teamed-up to remove Trump.

Meanwhile, a method based on releasing a relatively mild pathogen would seem to work very well in instilling fear, especially with a pliable media.  It also has the side effect of providing a convenient excuse for the Deep State or government leaders to further manipulate and control its “subjects” during an election year.

From Kunstler:

My personal theory is that the Covid-19 release was wholly and entirely about getting rid of Donald Trump and nothing else, in order to protect the permanent bureaucracy, a.k.a. the deep state, which was faltering in its countless turpitudes against the people, including the FBI and DOJ’s complicity in the criminal frauds and seditions of RussiaGate, and the CIA’s complicity in the “whistleblower” shenanigans behind Trump impeachment No. 1. The “long game” in the Covid-19 scam of 2020 was obviously to set-up the loosest mail-in voting apparatus possible to enable maximum ballot fraud in that year’s elections. The catch is, the Covid-19 play did not protect the deep state; it only further demonstrated its malevolence.


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