The Politics of Woke Corporations

It is interesting how many US corporations are blindly embracing Black Lies Matter and Antifactual, while at the same time ignoring very real violations of human rights in other parts of the world.  A deeper dive into the underlying motivations for the hypocrisy highlights the obvious — it’s tied to money.  For example, the NBA has a very large growing revenue base tied to the huge population of China while its fan-base is actually shrinking in the US.

An interesting article in the Washington Free Beacon addresses these apparent contradictions:

Selective indignation is not new. What’s striking about this latest version is its zones of prevalence. The sectors of the economy most wedded to the view that American society is systemically racist—entertainment, sports, media, tech—are the least concerned with the real and concrete injustices of the antidemocratic and hostile Chinese regime. This is the woke dialectic: dissent in America, acquiescence to China.

It’s an interesting dilemma in the United States.  Our foundations of capitalism and the free market are stimulating the current reality: that is, it is now more profitable for many US corporations to support the mantra of the Chinese Communist Party and Leftist Wokeism than it is to embrace traditional American values… as the well-known Communist, Vladimir Lenin was quoted as saying, “The capitalists will gladly sell us the rope in which to hang them”.

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