The Rapid Decline of the American Empire

America and western civilizations are being attacked from outside and within.  In reality, the US is suffering from many self-inflicted wounds perpetuated by the Democrat party and the Manchurian Marxist Moslem.  Their position is very simply that everything American is bad.   A few snippets from a great analysis about the rapid decline of the American “empire”:

Ascendant China is hell-bent on world domination and makes no apology for it. America, meanwhile, is suffering from decades of accelerated, corrosive, Marxist subversion that has saddled us with a power-lusting leftist regime, aided and abetted by an unofficial state news media; a school system that has jettisoned rigorous education in favor of identity politics indoctrination; a woke corporate culture showering hundreds of millions of dollars on support for Critical Race training and on the communist revolutionaries of Black Lives Matter; an obscenely decadent entertainment industry (itself in thrall to Chinese influence) that peddles anti-Americanism, anti-Christianity, anti-capitalism, and anti-white racism; and a politicized military establishment prioritizing “gender equity” over warrior readiness.

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