The Real Lesson of the Election

As Obama’s unpopularity grew during the last four years, his team at some point decided to concede Indiana.  From their perspective, Indiana lacked one tactical asset that Ohio had — early voting.

Early voting is a boon for the vote harvesters. The vote harvester’s mission is to gather unthinking collectives of potential voters — nursing home residents, college students, skid-row dwellers, recent immigrants — and get them to vote.  Harvesting does not necessarily mean fraud, but it clearly encourages the same.  In James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas videos, we saw how easy it was for even a congressman’s son — in this case, Pat Moran, son of Jim — to cross the line from harvesting to cheating.

Early voting makes harvesting all the more economical.  Fewer people on the ground can get more accomplished.  At an Obama rally at Ohio State, my friends in Columbus tell me, the Obama campaign provided a steady stream of busses to take rally-goers right to the polls, one stop shopping.

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The sad reality is the lavishly funded ad campaigns worked as intended. A report from a monitoring agency at Wesleyan University suggests that an astonishing 85 percent of all campaign commercials by the Obama campaign and allied groups featured negative messages about Romney. These attack ads aren’t supposed to inspire your people to go to the polls; they’re meant to dissuade the other guy’s supporters from going to the polls. The purpose of negative advertising is to discourage, not encourage, voting.

via Obama’s Dirty Little Secret to Winning the 2012 Presidential Election – The Daily Beast.

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