The Speech Police

I’m certainly not a fan of the Left-leaning Don Imus, but I would have to admit that all of the coverage over his use of adjectives is well-overblown… The irony of having a blowhard like Al Sharpton acting as judge and jury is rather quaint.

The irony is that the use of the terms “nigger”, “nappy-headed ho” — as well as “back that ass up”, “f**ked up”, etc., — are so prevalent in rap music, it’s a common part of the language.

It’s also interesting that you can have a someone say to a Jewish person: “you dirty f**king Jew bastard that is the son of Monkey and Pig, you will soon die”… and you can hear a pin drop.  Yet, call a black woman a “nappy-headed ho” and folks are ready to send you to prison.

I think that Howard Stern said it best when he was dispensing advice to Imus, “He should have told his critics ‘F**k you!”

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