The State of Political Affairs

This says it all — are politicians held accountable for their hatred, lies, and felonious actions?
In its size and scope Russiagate is the worst scandal in American history. And yet Hillary Clinton and President Obama remain party heroes who are never pressed on the issue. Former Clinton staffers who spread the scurrilous Trump/Russia rumors, including Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, have only been rewarded for their perfidy. The New York Times, Washington Post and other news outlets who won prizes for pushing the conspiracy theory refuse to correct many clear errors in their coverage.
The lack of any reconciliation will only fester and lead to an unhappy conclusion for our country.
November 29, 2021

More to the point, to understand what is happening in America, just catch a glimpse of what has happened. By 2019, a rogue faction of bureaucrats was bent on shoving President Donald Trump off the game-board at all costs. Trump had become the fixed object of every anxiety neurosis that afflicted the thinking-governing-and-chattering classes. Conveniently, China also needed to get rid of Mr. Trump, for interfering with their plans to dominate the planet.

The Trump years were the narrative-formation years, as one plot after another, with their rafts of cockamamie stories — RussiaGate, UkraineGate, TaxGate — was hatched and then elaborated by the worker bees in Cable News and the WashPo / New York Times nexus. Imagine their frustration that those gambits failed. But all that narrative-shaping prepared them for the kill-shot when China gifted the world with Covid-19 (Dr. Anthony Fauci acting as midwife in the delivery). Dr. Fauci then went straight to work turning the splendid opportunity of the pandemic into history’s all-time greatest mindfuck. He did everything possible to prevent public health from controlling the disease, and then foisted on the terrorized public a set of dangerous, untested, gene-therapy treatments that he enjoyed a share of the profits in. His criminal acts have been revealed and fully documented and now he will fall. Wait for it.

The Covid-19 mindfuck worked to distract the country’s attention from the activities of characters like Lawfare avatar Marc Elias of the DNC’s Perkins Coie law firm and Marc Zuckerberg of Facebook, going all around the swing states in 2020 with sacks full of money, arranging election procedures such as mass mail-in voting with no voter ID to facilitate the victory of the obviously non compos mentis empty shell of “Joe Biden”. That did work. Just what the country needed, too, at this perilous moment of history: a fake head-of-state. The people mostly played along for two years until very lately, seeing at last how they have been robbed of their health, their wealth, their future, and very likely their children’s futures. Watch them now as they turn on the ones who made all that happen.


June 3, 2021
The Leftists in America are running a ruse and a ridiculously fabricated narrative about our country.  They want the American public to believe the most blatant lies:
  • We will be safer without the police.
  • There are no differences between men and women.
  • Trump caused the border crisis by closing the border.
  • Requiring voter ID will end fair elections.
  • Oppressing your enemy is a sign of tolerance.
  • Free speech is a danger to democracy.
  • Equality means some people get special treatment.

Some pertinent observations about the current state of political affairs in DC and the ingenuous nature of it all…

“When a country forgoes — and even demonizes — its shared values and instead categorizes people as oppressed or oppressors based on their race, religion, gender, class, etc., you don’t get equity, equality or empathy. You get resentment, bitterness, strife & violence.”

— Allie Beth Stuckey

Another viewpoint:

Everything on American television is a lie: canned laughter, fake spontaneity, false news, misleading advertisements. So why not rehearsed interviews? They sell millions of dollars of teeth whiteners that don’t work, hair-growing lotions that don’t grow hair, youthful-skin products that don’t stop wrinkles—why not sell a bit of racism among the Windsors?

— Taki

And yet another viewpoint on all this craziness:

At its core, the ruling class politics of Covid-19 is now no more about public health than environmentalism is about the environment, or Feminism is about doing good to women, or BLM is about saving black lives, or the education establishment is about cognition, or the national security establishment is about public safety. None of these causes are about their purported objective than communism was about equality or the proletariat. Lenin made clear in ‘What Is To Be Done?’ (1902) that the revolution is all about power for ‘the vanguard of the proletariat.’ The Party. Like communism, each of today’s revolutionary movements is based on its own lie, and all are all scams—the purpose of which is to transfer ever more power to the ruling class.”

— Angelo Codevilla

The source for much of these subterfuge and racial hoaxes:

The New York Times’ “1619 Project” was never an accurate historical account, but in fact it was a part of a concerted effort by the Times to pivot the newsroom’s focus from the Trump/Russia collusion hoax to race hysteria…. in our current “cancel culture” moment, the “1619 Project” easily meets the definition of “fake news” and fits the textbook definition of disinformation.

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