The Updated Exodus Movie

Missy and I went to see the update of the famous Cecil B. Demille classic, ‘The Ten Commandments’… The new version has been panned by many.  For example one reviewer commented:

When it comes to director Ridley Scott’s artistic and storytelling choices, there’s so much wrong with “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” it’s hard to care about the director’s childish hostility towards religion, which no doubt resulted in a bloodless, brutally boring tale of Moses the Lawgiver.

via ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Review: Behold, the Power of Boredom.

However, I think Missy summed it up best: the writers took the basic story of the Hebrews exit from Egypt ensconced in the bible and took large amounts of Hollywood ‘artistic latitude’ to come up with a poor imitation of the movie ‘Gladiator’.  Instead of a battle between Maximus and Commodus, it’s Moses versus Ramses… The only thing missing was a climatic sword fight to the death.


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