The Well-Informed Voter?

Howard Stern, libertarian, and America’s premier shock jock, commissioned an Obama supporter “man on the street” voter survey in New York City, where citizens are loyal to Democrats. The interviewer substituted John McCain’s platform for Obama’s. Here are some questions to three Obama supporters:

QUESTION: “Now what don’t you like about McCain?”
ANSWER: “McCain seems to not know what he is doing right now.”
QUESTION: “Are you more for Obama because he is pro-life or because he thinks our troops should stay in Iraq and finish this war?”
ANSWER: “I think it’s because … finish the war.”
QUESTION: “How about as far as him being pro-life? Do you support him in that cause?”
ANSWER: “Yeah, I do…”
QUESTION: “And if he wins, do you have any problem with Sarah Palin being his V.P.?”
ANSWER: “No, I wouldn’t. Not at all.”

QUESTION: “Obama or McCain?”
ANSWER: “Obama.”
QUESTION: “Obama says he is anti-stem cell research. How do you feel about that?”
ANSWER: “I wouldn’t do that either. I am anti-stem cell research.”
QUESTION: “If Obama wins do you mind Sarah Palin as V.P.”
ANSWER: No… No, I don’t.”

QUESTION: “Do you support Obama more because he is pro-life, or because he says our troops should stay in Iraq?”
ANSWER: “I guess both.”
QUESTION: “And if Obama wins, do you have any trouble with Sarah Palin being his V.P.?”
ANSWER: “Nope.”
QUESTION: “Do you think she will do a good job?”
ANSWER: “Yes.”
QUESTION: “Are you glad he asked her to be V.P.?”
ANSWER: “Yes.”

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