Time Magazine Hits the Hat Trick

For some reason, I get free subscriptions to magazines that I don’t recall requesting… Well, that makes three issues over the past 30 days or so that the declining magazine, Time, has elected to publish a cover that promulgates the strongly progressive viewpoint of America. 

First, there was the “Islamophobia” cover that implies that fear of Islamic terrorists is somehow an irrational American fear.

This was followed by the infamous “Jewish Star” cover that exclaimed that Israelis don’t really want peace (“yep, it’s those damn Jews again”).

Now for the hat trick, the illustrious Time editorial staff has a cover that proclaims it is Militias in the US (and Ohio, in particular) that are the root of all the world’s problems.

… And those smarmy New Yorkers wonder why nobody wants to read their clap trap.

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