Tons of Discrimination, but no Anti-Semitism?

This is the upside-down world that we live in that has been promulgated by the Manchurian Marxist Moslem:

Our exclusive emails show the shocking lack of interest Mizzou faculty showed in anti-Jewish racism – and the totally different way the college treated racism towards African-Americans.

Top Mizzou official: Jewish students’ complaint “an overreaction … but this is the world we live in” E-mails:

Mizzou officials didn’t want statements issued on anti-Semitic incidents

Had already spoken out college-wide on racism against African Americans

Parent: “when I will get a statement from you about the  horrific anti-Semitic graffiti found again on campus? is not as important to you as ‘race’ issues..

“Diversity” Faculty prevented a public statement about racism against Jewish students – and seemed to say that anti-semitism was NOT racism

Mizzou “Diversity” Email: “I would delete ‘this time directed at our Jewish students.’ The swastika could be anti-Semitic or racist or both… say we didn’t issue a public statement”

Source: Did Mizzou Act Differently when Racism Was Targeted at Jews?

You can then follow that up with some reasonable commentary from Camille Paglia about the lack of perspective on world events:

On gender identity politics and transgender bathrooms, Paglia slammed all the “navel-gazing” as “a kind of madness of self-absorption” that doesn’t deserve the media attention it’s getting. She was particularly critical of those “pressur[ing]” others to make “dangerous” and irreversible changes to their bodies. A lot of those being influenced by the movement, she suggested, are simply using the issue as a “mask” for other deeper problems.

Source: While We’re ‘Navel-Gazing’ About Gender Identity, ‘ISIS Is Beheading People’

If you call a homosexual or a black man a dirty name, the federal police will come to arrest you.   But when a Jew is murdered, the Obama gang will tell you that it was an unfortunate event that must have been the victim’s fault.

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