Trump: Triumph and Tragedy

Some extractions of Victor Davis Hanson’s book and analysis of Trump.  In a nutshell, given the current trajectory of the country, Trump is the right man for the job:

Hanson predicts that Trump will go the way of most tragic heroes – ostracized, with his accomplishments unacknowledged….

Although Hanson does not offer his personal opinions of Trump, he says the current president is at least a partial salve to the nation’s problems. Hanson writes that Trump’s goal to make America great again hinges on remembering what made America great in the first place and on recognizing the historic threats to American greatness.

He then explains that historically the only way declining nations have reversed their decline has been to limit the size of state bureaucracies, avoid costly optional wars, preserve the rule of law, inculcate national pride in ancestral customs, and ensure equality under the law for all citizens. If Hanson’s prescription for a declining nation is accurate, then his case for Trump is made.

Source: VDH Examines The Triumph And The Tragedy of Donald Trump

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