UD & WSU Basketball

In addition to attending seven University of Dayton games each season, I also go the the Division I basketball games at Wright State University.  I’ve been to four WSU games this season, and I think that I’m somewhat of a good luck charm for the Raiders — they’ve won each of the games where I was in attendance (the most recent game on Monday).  This certainly is not a banner year for college basketball in the Dayton area.  Both the UD Flyers and the WSU Raiders are sitting below 150 in the recent RPI ratings.  Nevertheless, I enjoy catching an up-tempo basketball game in less than two hours of actual time.

It’s quite a contrast in fan support between the two programs.   Although UD has a much more storied basketball history, both schools have arenas of approximately the same size and roughly the same student enrollment.   However, UD typically gets more than 11,000 fans in attendance for every game while WSU is lucky to get 3,000.


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