United 93 and European Pusillanimity

We recently went to see the movie, “United 93”.  Since there have been numerous reviews of the highly rated movie, I won’t be redundant.  I won’t be redundant.   I must admit that the movie had moments that caused me to break out in a cold sweat.  More importantly, there was an interesting part of the movie that I have yet to see mentioned by other reviewers…  that is, there was ostensibly a European passenger on the flight (Blondish hair and Norwegian accent), who true-to-form, commented: “let’s cooperate and give them what they want”.  Even when it was evident that the Moslem terrorists were commandeering the airplane for a suicide flight, the movie depicted this European fellow as interfering with the efforts of the passengers attempting to re-take control of the plane… What can you say? It appears that European cowardice in the face of Moslem terrorism persists under all type of conditions.

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