Universal Health Care

Many Leftists live in an imaginary world where there is an unlimited supply of resources available, and everyone “should be raised by the village”.  This is one reason that they are enamored with the notion of unlimited health care for everyone.

In a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor, there is a sharing of research results about the cost and benefits of Universal Health Care.

[After] reviewing the academic literature on the subject, Helen Levy of the University of Michigan’s Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured and David Meltzer of the University of Chicago, were unable to establish a “causal relationship” between health insurance and better health. Believe it or not, there is “no evidence,” Ms. Levy and Mr. Meltzer wrote, that expanding insurance coverage is a cost-effective way to promote health.

Similarly, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine last year found that, although many Americans were not receiving the appropriate standard of care, “health insurance status was largely unrelated to the quality of care.”

People have to realize that the country cannot afford to provide unlimited health care and medical intervention…

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