Visit to USAF Museum Bldg 4

I made a visit to the USAF Museum (more formally known as the ‘National Museum of the United States Air Force‘) this morning to check out the new ‘building 4’ and to get some photos of the turbine engines that are still in use in the Air Force inventory.  The newest building brings to the public the planes that have been hidden in special hangars.  This includes the various early versions of Air Force One (the 707 version that carried JFK’s body back to Washington) as well as many of the experimental aircraft from the 1950s.

Some may say that there’s not much to do in Dayton, Ohio but there are very few museums in the world as highly rated at the Air Force Museum.  Take a look at the Trip Advisor ratings for the museum and you’ll discover that there are very few places that have more than 3,000 reviews and nearly 5.0 rating.






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