Voinovich Changes His Position on Bolton

You may recall that I had a posting in April about the US Senator from Ohio, George Voinovich.  I shared the fact that I would vote against Voinovich (even though he claims to be a Republican) based on his opposition to John Bolton for US Ambassador to the UN.  I even sent an email to his staffers letting them know that I would work against him in the next election as a result of his decision… Well, surprise, surprise!  Mr. Voinovich has an article in the Washington Post that exclaims “Why I will Vote for John Bolton”. 

While I don’t necessarily like many of his ‘mamby pamby’ statements such as, “My original concerns about Bolton involved his interpersonal skills,” I respect Voinovich for taking a public change in his position.  I would love to claim that he changed his position due to my emails, but I doubt that any politician would take a citizen from Dayton seriously.

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