Voting Early in Ohio

No, not me.  I vote in the more traditional fashion.  Frankly, I think the notion of opening-up voting nearly a month before the election is on par with motor voter registration… One of my friends, who happens to be a a regular recipient of emails from the Democrat National Committee, shared his recent experience that I thought my readers would like to see:

Today was the first day of early voting in Ohio. I decided to go and vote. Since I live in Butler county, I had to go to Hamilton to vote.

When I parked and started to go towards the building, a burly guy approached me. He appeared to be a “graduate” of third grade.  He asked if he could go over the Democrat ballot with me.   I thought “what the heck. I will listen to the guy just to see what he knows”.   Answer- not much. His basic comments were “…in good conscience you can’t vote for Republicans”- inferring they are all bad people. Interestingly Butler county is a very conservative area.

When I got inside the building, I was a bit surprised to see so many people. The line moved quickly. So, there was not much of a wait.

I did not vote for Clinton, but I did vote for Rob Portman for Senator and Warren Davidson for Representative of the 8th district. It was interesting that the down ballot had so many uncontested positions. All of them on the ballot were Republicans. So, my friend in the parking lot apparently was unaware “his guys” were under-represented on the ballot. Walking out, I was listening to the conversation of people around me. The only comments I heard were derogatory comments about Clinton (not a real surprise in Butler county).

As Trump continues his “battle” with just about everyone, it is looking more and more like he is going down big time. Hopefully his banter does not wreck the Republican advantage in the Senate and House. If it does, we will have another four years of very liberal tax and spend polices.

It is a shame that no one seems to care about the Hillary’s e-mails. What I read today contains some pretty damning stuff. Unfortunately Clinton will once again get a pass on this stuff.

Come on November 8th. Lets get this circus over!

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