Voting for a Leftist Democrat? Think Again!

As the web site “Issues and Insights” recently noted, there was a time when the Democrat Party was merely an alternative to the Republican Party and not a threat to the country.   In fact, I would tell you that Bill Clinton ran for office on policies that were to the right of Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign.

Nevertheless, those times where both major political parties offered support for America and the Constitution are long gone. Today’s Democrats are in the business of wrecking, ruining, and razing the USA… and providing material support for Marxist Totalitarianism and Islamic Fundamentalism.

The Biden administration, which ostensibly provides support for the Hamass terrorists, stopped the supply of weapons to Israel.  These weapons were to be used on the all-out assault on Rafah — the last major Hamas stronghold in Gaza. Biden not only is not punishing Hamas, he and Obama are enabling the Iranians who support terrorists all over the world. The Democrats have been identified as the source of financial support for the antisemitic campus protestors… Do you believe that Democrat Biden has the interests of Jews high on his list of priorities?

Here in Ohio we have Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown who said that “Joe Biden’s politics now are not much different from mine…”  As you would expect, Democrat Sherrod Brown ended up voting 98 percent of the time with Biden…  Do you believe that Democrat Brown supports the best interests of Ohio citizens?

As Gaudi Taub noted in Tablet magazine  in his analysis of how the current Democrat administration (Obama) is attempting to manipulate policies and actions in Israel:

It is not at all clear that Israel can survive four more years of a Democratic administration determined to carve out a Palestinian terror state in the heart of the land of Israel, as part of an “integrated”—that is, Iran-dominated—Middle East. If it is to survive at all, Israel must break the noose that Iran is assembling around us, and which the Biden administration is actively promoting and protecting.

American Jews — both left and right — need to realize that we are entering the realm of uncharted territory for being a Jew in the United States.  The golden age of Judaism in North America is rapidly moving towards open antisemitism — all supported by the Leftist Democrats.

An observation about left-leaning Jews from non-Jewish Jeffrey Carter:

I got into a conversation with a liberal Jewish person. We were chatting about Israel. They mentioned that Biden withholding ammunition from Israel was a good thing since “Israel can be more self-sufficient”.

Sheesh, talk about threading the needle and intense confirmation bias reinforcing your ability to vote for Joe Biden. Israel needs to kill all the terrorists and eliminate their ability to wreak havoc on Israel if it is to become self-sufficient. If you identify as Jewish and love Israel, I don’t see how you can continue to vote Democratic in this election in any race from President down to local dog catcher.

A vote in 2024 for Leftist Americans in Democrat Party will one day be viewed as comparable to voting in 1936 for Germans in the National Socialist Party.  A vote for Biden is a vote of support for America-hating and Jew-hating.

Are Republicans the perfect solution?  No.  But they are the much better alternative at this point in our country’s history.

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