We Celebrate “Birth-weeks”

It’s official.  My son Leonard’s birthday is today (10/17), so he is now 15 years old.  However, while most people celebrate “birth-days”, my wife started a tradition a few years ago where we appear to celebrate “birth-weeks”.  That is, we have dinners, gifts, cakes, etc. for an entire week.  For example, we took Leonard out last Saturday night (10/14) for dinner and a candle-lit cake; On Sunday night (10/15), we took Leonard along with his grandfather out for dinner, cookies, and birthday song again; Yesterday (10/16), Missy brought home a huge birthday cookie with icing and candles for Len’s birthday; Today (10/17), Missy took Len out for dinner and a birthday song; Missy also bought Leonard a birthday cake for home tonight; and just for good measure, we’re taking Leonard out for a birthday dinner and cake yet again on Friday (10/20) when his brother comes home to visit from college.

Is there such thing as too much love and celebration?  Perhaps it’s appropriate to think of that song from Styx (“I’ve got too much time on my hands”).

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